Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my poetry and i

Every tear shed
Bore hurt and sadness
Staring up at the sky
Awaitinig hope
Awaiting love
Awaiting honesty and trust.

Waves of depression
Swept over her
The look of melancholy
Scarred on her face
Tears rolling down her cheeks
Invisible in the soaking rain.

Swirls of emotions
Mixing up her thoughts
Jumbled in her mind
Unable to hold on to one thing
Vague visions of light
Before darkness consumed her.

Glassy eyes and pale cheeks
Insides hot from anger
Cold from bitterness
Signifying nothing
from beneath the surface.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dear Bloggie

i know its been very long.
i've finally decided to update my stupid thing.
i had nothing better to do.

my story (
cant be continued.
kinda having some bloody writers block right now.
need some sorta inspiration.
Ryan's a good writer. =)

okay, break.
went down to canteen with carmen, deborah and joanna
obviously saw celine there.
they still have issues,
carmen, justin, brandon and myself are trying to help them solve it.
we just haven't gotten to the part where we are practical yet.
theory and planning is all good. =)
after that went to sit with the form 4's.
gorgie, fe, kim and all were there,
together with a few form 1's
mainly (the other) carmen, candice, kristy and all.
then emily came and stole gorgie from me =.="
and i was going on and on, very drama-ish btw, about how she was betraying me and all that.
it was all smiles and jokes. =)
em says i should join the LiDra club =)
not fairrrrr...
gorgie gave em a keychain thingie,
i didnt get one.
and i'm suppose to be her 'boyfriend'.
bite me. =p

omgsh.. =)
skipped CF and went with Pn. Gong to choir.
decided to give it a try for speech day '08 (12 july)
was offered a part to do solo for the schools choir thing for speech day. =)
wai leong is gonna take the 1st stanza and me n rachie are gonna take the 2nd. ^^
yay!! hugzies rach.. =)
hmm... was kinda reluctant to go coz i heard they were singing some malay song.
and Mr. D was not much help in convincing me not to go. =p
but was glad i went larr =)
who knew i'd get a solo =)
Pn. Gong was recommending me and rachie to Ms. Sharon (think dats her name) for solos
^^ thx yeah.. =)

came back,
mostly watched tv,
daddy's in aussie so mum picked me up.
had to go cook dog food.
still waiting for the food to cool down as i'm writing this.
hmmm... guess i better go.
i know i really should.

me <3 color="#3333ff">lary. =)
mind the retardness.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

OMG!!! PlanetShakers was AWESOME!!!

Arhhhhhh!!! PlanetShakers was last night. =) I went there and met up with Jorgie, Brandon was being such a bitch, wtv... So anyway, by the time i got there, the live hall was already full (with 1500 people), so i had to go the overflow (which by the way had like 600 people). Ther were a few halls to go to. Jorgie was in the one next to the live hall. So after loads of scouting, I finally found her (woohoo!!). After the starting praise, loads of people left the live hall through the place where we were, and we asked the guy jaga-ing the door to let us in. We went in and hell yeah!!! We got to see the real live thing!!! XD Omg, it was sooooooo awesome man. Words cannot describe it. Jumping and all, it felt so alive compared to other youth thingies i go to. =) it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO fun la weyh... =)

I got the tee for 20 bucks before the show, and after the show, they were selling it for 25.. Hah! Suckersss.. XD

Okay, pics will be uploaded later kay... So sry bout that.. It was AWESOME!!!!!! XD

Friday, April 11, 2008

random-ness r us

Okay, today in school. I almost got my hair cut my Pn. Irene. Omg... I had to really convince her to NOT touch my hair, but she made me pin up ALL of my fringe. Yerrr... I look horrible larrrhhh.
Haha.. Abel, Handsome pulakkk... lolx

Chan came over to my place today. She didn't stay long, wanted to go to the Pasar Malam. Lolx.. Anyway, cam-whored with my friend. XD candid pics below...

And of course, knowing me, i also cam-whore alone...